Jiangmen Feifan Industrial Co., Ltd. (Enterprise Code: 668335) is a modern enterprise integrating research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales of new environmental protection decorative plates. The company introduced advanced production technology from Japan and Germany and developed the world leading technology (Patent No. 200420083301.7). Such as: inorganic precoated decorative board, fireproof board, inorganic board, fireproof decorative board, imitation marble, tunnel board, tunnel fireproof board, KTV decorative board, interior wall decorative board, external wall decorative board, thermal insulation wall panel, non combustible cosmetic board.

                The product uses green fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board or fiber cement board or glass fiber magnesium oxide board as the base material. After special processing, it forms decorative board with marble texture, wood texture, aluminum-plastic board texture or personalized design pattern. 100% no asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, no radiation. It is fireproof, waterproof, light and high strength. It can replace natural marble, MDF board, natural wood, ceramic brick, aluminum plastic plate and other products. It is widely used in the decoration of internal and external walls, such as building external walls, tunnels, subways, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, offices, kitchens, toilets, laboratories and other occasions. It has been sold to many large and medium-sized cities in China and many countries such as Japan, Europe, America and Australia Home.

                The company has excellent management team and rich industry experience, and has established a scientific and perfect design and production system, operation guidance system, logistics distribution system and after-sales service system. With the advent of "light decoration, heavy decoration" era, the company's original green decorative background wall has become the latest trend of home decoration products in the new situation. Once launched, it will immediately trigger a new wave of decoration.
                With the concept of "home life, free enjoyment", the company advocates the "taste · good life, quality · enjoyment, brand · excellent market". With the help of patent technology, the company innovates and introduces "healthy, environmental protection, personality and fashion" green decorative background wall customized products. The original version presents the world's most cutting-edge and world-class business strategy The most advanced wall decoration technology has entered the blank market, presenting a high-quality project with huge market potential and broad blue ocean.

                Facing the market opportunities and challenges, Jiangmen Feifan Industrial Co., Ltd. adheres to the business tenet of "taking mutual benefit and multi win as the principle, quality first as the goal, customer satisfaction as the guide, product innovation as the driving force, and sustainable development as the center". As always, it adheres to the promotion of brand strategy, the implementation of famous brand strategy and international business strategy, and the enhancement of innovation and brand promotion The innovation of market, product, technology, network and concept makes unremitting efforts to build a century old famous enterprise with international standards.