What should be considered in the selection of new environmental protection decorative board in Jiangmen

                2020-10-12 231

                The problem of interior decoration is very severe, because decoration needs a lot of information and costs a lot of money. If the information used is not environmental protection, it will cause great damage to the future settlement and have a certain impact on health. So now the selection of interior decoration data needs to be careful. Brand metal plate generally recommends that we choose wood grain metal plate, the advantages of this plate is very large.

                1. The transportation and preservation of interior decoration materials should be considered

                Before using decoration materials, it is necessary to experience transportation, transportation and preservation, etc. in these processes, it is necessary to prevent water contamination and damage the panel. When installing these data, attention should be paid to prevent the damage of smoke and dust and exposure to chemical environment. If it is board, the time of preservation should not exceed 6 months, and in the process of storage, it should not be affected by damp and exposure to the sun to prevent aging.


                2. Construction environment of interior decoration data

                The use of wood grain metal plate, it should be noted that it can not be used in high temperature environment, nor in high acid and alkali environment. Due to the great influence of chemical composition on wood grain metal plate, it will cause certain appearance damage.

                3. Cleaning and protection of interior decoration data

                In the use of wood grain metal plate, it should be noted that do not use a strong acid and alkali solvent to wipe this information, can not use ethylene and paint thinner to wipe and touch. When cleaning, to prevent detergent mixing together, to prevent excessive wiping, to prevent the appearance of gloss changes.

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