How to purchase new environmental protection decorative board in Jiangmen

                2020-10-12 248

                1. Blockboard: good moisture-proof effect, can not be directly painted. The middle of blockboard is a core made of wood strips, and the veneer is very thin on both sides, which is one of the most important materials in decoration. It can be used for furniture, wooden door and door pocket, heating cover, curtain box, etc., with good waterproof performance. In the selection, look at its internal wood, not too broken, wood gap between about 3mm Blockboard is appropriate. Because the surface exposed wood grain is not beautiful, rarely directly brush paint, generally to paste veneer plywood. The furniture and other woodwork made with it have to go through two processes of gluing board and painting, and the cost is higher.

                2. Integrated board: not easy to deform. This is a new kind of solid wood material, which is made of imported large-diameter logs, interwoven and spliced like fingers. This kind of blockboard is superior to 1 / 8 in formaldehyde content. On the other hand, this kind of board made of spruce and other solid wood can be directly colored and painted, which saves one process than Blockboard.


                3. The nail holding power of MDF is worse than that of particleboard. Particleboard is a kind of wood which is crushed into granules and pressed into board. It is the primary material of cabinet at present. The medium density board is made of powdered sawdust, which has good flatness but poor moisture resistance. In contrast, the nail holding power of density board is worse than that of particleboard. If there is looseness after screw tightening, because the strength of density board is not high, it is difficult to fix again, so it is rarely used for cabinet.

                4. Facing plywood: energy saving and cheap. Multilayer board, also known as plywood and plywood, the number of layers is different, its advantages and disadvantages mainly depends on the raw materials. Now the primary use of home decoration is facing plywood, that is, in the factory has been very thin solid wood veneer pasted on the plywood. Facing plywood is easy to use and cheap.

                Source: Jiangmen new environmental protection decorative board

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