Purchasing skills of Jiangmen kangbeite board

                2020-10-12 232

                1. The veneering degree of anti Beite board

                When purchasing, it can be distinguished by judging the appearance of paster. Be able to scratch the surface of the brick with a hard object. If there is a scratch, it indicates the lack of melamine paper. Compared with the melamine paper on the surface of the anti beta board, after polishing, the board will be slightly dirty, difficult to finish, and short of safety. And some of the pasted anti bate board, usually should not be laid in a humid and airtight environment, because the pores on the board can not be divergent due to water absorption, which can also lead to mold.


                2. The water absorption rate of anti Beite board

                Choose and buy the board of toilet interval mainly see its water absorption rate. Generally speaking, the board of high quality, water absorption rate is very low, so it can quickly monotone. If the board does not specify the water absorption rate, it can use tea or water drops on the reverse side of the plate, and after a few minutes, the degree of water droplet dissipation can be investigated. The more water is not absorbed, that is, the water absorption rate is low and the quality is better.

                3. The density of anti betel board texture

                The quality requirements of the board itself are more stringent when purchasing the anti - bate board of bathroom interval. When purchasing the board, can from the side of the investigation board surface is flat, is not showing uneven pinholes. Together, you can tap the board to listen to the movement is bright, the more brittle, indicating that the texture of the board density is high, hardness is better.

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