What are the technological processes of Jiangmen kangbeite board

                2020-10-12 242

                1. Base treatment: clean up floating sand, floating dust and foreign matters on the wall surface, and repair to ensure that the wall surface is basically flat.

                2. Wall setting out: according to the layout map of the wall and the actual situation of the site, snap the grid line of the anti beta board on the wall.

                3. Keel fabrication: the keel distance is 350 ~ 600mm. The main keel of 25 * 50 * 3.0 μ m square tube is selected at the joint of the dividing plate of the anti Beite plate, and the auxiliary keel in the plate is made of 25x25x2.0 aluminum alloy square tube, and the intersection of longitudinal and horizontal keel is fixed with L-shaped aluminum alloy connector. In order to facilitate construction, the vertical and horizontal keels are assembled on the ground in advance, and each assembly unit is generally no more than 6m.

                4. Keel fixation: install the assembled keel unit on the wall, adjust the flatness to meet the requirements, and fix it with expansion bolt and L-shaped aluminum alloy connector (when the wall is light weight wall, pull rivet is selected), and the distance between fixed points shall not be greater than 500mm.


                5. Double sided adhesive paste: because the curing time of structural adhesive is 24 hours, double-sided adhesive tape is selected for temporary fixation. Remove the one-sided film covering of double-sided adhesive tape, and paste it on the longitudinal and horizontal keel at a distance of 150-200 mm with a length of 25 mm.

                6. Injection of structural adhesive: inject structural adhesive on the surface of aluminum alloy keel, the thickness is slightly higher than that of double-sided adhesive tape, generally no less than 5mm. The structural adhesive should be applied evenly with the same thickness.

                7. Paste the anti beta board: remove the film on the other side of the double-sided adhesive tape, cut the anti beta board according to the layout map, and gently press it on the keel. The gap width between plates is determined according to the decoration planning. A small amount of flatness error can be adjusted by the thickness of structural adhesive.

                8. Glue injection for plate joint: paste anti fouling face print paper along both sides of the board joint, and apply neutral sealant at the plate joint with glue gun. The sealant should be embedded tightly and smooth.

                9. Finishing: remove the mask paper at the seam and clean the surface.

                10. Inspection: according to national standards and relevant planning requirements.

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